Month: December 2010

  • Oliver Stone on fathers and children

    My daughter and I watched Oliver Stone’s Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps on pay-per-view last night and maybe the best moment in this story of Gordon Geko’s return came in the very first scene.  As he is released from 8 years in prison for illegal financial dealings, his personal belongings are returned to him. The clerk reads off each […]

  • Talk About the 3AM Creepy Crawlies

    Ever blink wide awake in the wee hours of the morning with all kinds of frightening thoughts running through your head?  It is an eerie experience and very lonely because everyone else it seems is fast asleep and it is dark, made blacker by the anxiety of it all. Now transfer that to whole communities […]

  • Beauty and the Beast(!)

    We are celebrating the Fourth Sunday of Advent in unbelievable beauty and undeserved affluence. So many times in the past when in the midst of these blessings, I have felt sad and guilty about the millions even in the US who are not so lucky, I only pondered it. Why didn’t I do some small […]

  • Beyond “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

    Ok, sensible people, it is clear that no one should be harassed or bullied about being gay or lesbian, much less “fired” for their orientation. Heaven knows what would happen to most of us if the powers-that-be could detect all of our inner “sexual orientation type” thoughts. Now, let’s think about the purpose of the […]

  • Cleverness to cheer us up for the season

    This has come across in my email and on Facebook from my spouse and her friends. I think you will love it, especially if you are a churchy type.

  • New Look At an Old and Very Important Profession

    I am training to be a school bus driver. I would not have thought this was a very challenging or exciting course. Moreover, I didn’t think I would be proud to end up with a commercial driver’s license and actually drive a school bus. Then the instructor and the videos began to talk about the […]

  • Boing Boing

    I have changed my motto or subtitle above to indicate where Words From Warren hopes to go. Any thoughts? Boing Boing.

  • War: What’s it good for?

    The next time you have slightest desire to justify modern warfare or to glorify the US in Iraq or Afghanistan, watch the scene from The Hurt Locker where the EOD team comes upon a British contractor group whose vehicle has a flat tire. While there, out in the desert with nothing but goats wandering around, […]

  • Burning Love

    Penitential questions of Advent could include: Is my problem with faith really about God, or a broken heart?  In whom, or in what, have I placed my trust?  When I’m disillusioned, why did I need the illusion?  What am I doing that makes me unhappy and why am I doing it?  How does God’s love […]

  • Lots of little jobs better than a big job?

    Today I was sent to a temporary assignment by a staffing company. It was very fun, I enjoyed the people, and since it was only 6 hours start to finish, it was easy to impress. Entry level pay scale but some money is better than no money, right?  All things being equal, this could be […]