At the urging of the daughter

For many months since accquiring an iPhone, Matrika has implored me to begin a blog describing my unsual job search for a new career (or two) after the age of 70. So Words from Warren is alive and well and living at WordPress and I continue to wait for them to call me from Best Buy where I have been offered a seasonal position. I guess you just have to know what season, right?

4 responses to “At the urging of the daughter”

  1. Warren’s in the blogosphere…Uh-oh! I love how you’re more with it when it comes to technology than I am 🙂 If you’re gonna be working with Best Buy you should try to get a movie gig like Brian Marbury’s recent feature explaining how to ship online purchases to your local store for pick up. I think it would go viral!

    P.S. Are you sure you’re over 70 cause you’ve got way more energy than the other folks I know in that age range?


  2. Edward! I mean, Warren.

    I agree with Collin, I am skeptical about your age. I think you’ve been caught in some kind of time warp (I watched Back to the Future the other day, wouldn’t that be nice? Sort of…maybe not, actually.)

    Anyways, Warren, keep going! If BestBuy doesn’t want you, they are fools (clearly), but also that means you can look elsewhere…and who knows what you’ll find!

    Keep going, Deed. Edward! Warren!



  3. Go Warren, go! Good luck in your search — any place would be lucky to have you (and I’d make a trip to Best Buy if I knew you were going to be there!)!

    Keep on!



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