What’s in a name?

My new friend Alexandra Jump has a cousin named, you guessed it, Alexandra Jump. Plus they both live in Vermont. She told  me how to figure out the online difference but I was still a little confused until I saw her new blue car.  I am just waiting now for her to get her initial plates to make it even easier to spot  her.

My email and user name in several places is GWTNHVT which, obviously I hope, refers to GWT on the border with NH and VT. However, my driver’s license and passport both read WARREN BAILEY-TURNER. So the earthshaking question of the day is where does the “G” come in?

My father’s name was George Warren Turner and when I was born my parents made me a junior. Since they called him George, they designated me Warren. So all was good with G. WARREN TURNER until, in 1979, I engaged in a two hour sensitivity session with my strong spouse-to-be at which point I committed to a hyphenated name. Still, all was still good until the first zillion times customer service people addressed Carla Bailey-Turner as MRS. TURNER. I guess we were a little too feminist for our time (or we just ran into a plethora of ignorance.) Now we are WARREN TURNER and CARLA BAILEY. Only a few times, and too few to care, have we run into that 1970’s mental density and been asked “Are you married?”

So why the “G”? I don’t know. Maybe because it is too complicated to change everywhere online but probably the best reason is to memorialize my Dad who died way to young to appreciate me, my incredible wife and our kids.Besides all that,  if it wasn’t for that George and the times we worked together, this Warren would know nothing at all about hot dog sales.

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