Caring is not that complicated

“I miss you, my kind and gentle brother. Peace be with you. Micah 6:8”

These few words popped up on my Facebook wall one day last week and gave me pause.

They came from a somewhat unexpected source, a colleague that I was just beginning to know when I left our mutual workplace. We had shared many moments of humor just for the fun of it but also as a coping mechanism. I always respected his professionalism and saw in his work that he really cared about his clients.

So really, it should not have surprised me that he made contact this way some weeks after we had parted. This is an example of who he is.  Regardless, it made feel very good and cared for by a friend that I also cared for.

Which begs the question, why do we make such a big deal out of reaching out. Sure, flowers or gift certificates or invitations to coffee, clearly say “I care about you”, but consider the many almost too simple ways that one can give another person support and love.

The point is, we have the capacity to give someone a boost. Having been on the receiving end makes me want to do more of that. 

Thank you, friend.


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