#SGSGlobal An essential hashtag

Social Good Summit? (#SGSGlobal) Sounds a bit ominous but, in fact, so simple, down to earth, and real.

The question underlying this event is “Can social media really make a difference in change for the good?” It can indeed but only if we don’t forget that behind the technology are people. On the other hand, the omnipresence of the cell phone reminds us that technology is a very valuable tool.

Think about it. Suppose you want to increase the concern for women and girls around the globe and could wake up a million minds with a text message? Maybe it is important to you that so much food goes to waste when children are starving around the world and a simple tweet could alert thousands who would help? What if your very own Web page, updated maybe only once a week, could start a widespread movement because when the Internet user “googles” a keyword you use they find your site and respond to your concern?

Seems obvious right? Well, the problem might be that silly Instagram photos taken of yourself with a smartphone in a mirror or unending cat videos on You Tube distract us from the possibilities. For this weekend some of us are rethinking the value of this futuristic technology. Join the program:

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