A Daily Ray of Hope: Holding on and letting go at the same time

I love cats but this such a moving meditation and, of course, applies to all our loses

Indian River Guardian

Editor’s Note:  When I began publishing InsideVero.com in late January, it was my custom each morning to offer as a “daily ray of hope” an inspirational quote for the day.

Along with each quote, I shared an image of a landscape, seascape, sunrise, or of some wildlife.  One morning, I even offered a picture of our Doberman, Panzer, hanging his big nose over the foot of our bed.  The accompanying quote spoke to the value of appreciating different perspectives.

Having let my attention be drawn almost completely to the daily news and the surface-level drama of local politics, I find that I have drifted away from making time each morning to draw inspiration for the day.

Yesterday, at the tender age of three, Panzer passed away, with Cheri and I at his side, holding his paw and kissing his forehead.  It was a sacred moment.

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