Month: August 2017

  • Mortgage backed securities? Wait, what?

    Had you bought 100 Apple shares on April 19, 2013, it would have cost you $5579. Today your investment would be worth $16,291. Impressive? Sorta. In the Spring of 2013 I was driving a school bus for about $16 an hour so I would have had to work about two and a half months to […]

  • Marriage without hope

    She was checking me in to the doctor’s office and asked if I felt safe at home? Has your partner or ex-partner threatened you with physical harm? Have you been hit by your partner or ex-partner? She had several more similar questions and as I repeatedly said “no”, I thought of yesterday’s blog post. Because […]

  • The morphing of a blog

    Words from Warren started out as thoughts on marriage. Then there was the election of a President who, with his marriages, flaunts disfunction as a virtue. Besides, what do I know about marriage that you don’t already know from your own experience? Most importantly, only you and your mate have that exact relationship. The rest […]

  • We can do it…so let’s do it!

    I have a coverless, water-stained copy of an Unitarian Universalist meditation from when I served as an interim minister in that denomination in the early eighties. It is  73 Voices Chris Raible and Ed Darling, Editors. (Check out the UUA Bookstore for a whole list.) Today I share one of my very favorite pages. Assurance   -John Corrado […]

  • Animal Attendants in your Ceremony

    Animal Attendants In Your Ceremony Posted on August 19, 2017 | Author Cynthia Dumont The animals in fairy tales steal our hearts: Cinderella’s songbirds, Bambi’s butterflies and the Darling children’s Nana in Peter Pan. But how about incorporating these icons into your own real-life fairy tale? If you want to bring animals like these into […]

  • Is there a dating site for Neo-Nazis? What percentage of white are you?

    -Europeans -Normies -Red Pilling What do you think of when you see these terms? If they are not familiar to you turn on your podcast app. Friday, August 18th’s episode of the New York Times podcast The Daily is an eye opener (an ear alert?) An “investigative reporter” lurks in some white supremacy chat rooms. What he heard […]

  • Lying Hillary

    Ever since that night in November as we watched the results of the 2016 Presidential election roll in, I have often almost cried that Hillary Rodham Clinton was not elected. She said once:  “To every little girl who dreams big, I say: Yes, you can be anything you want–even President.” And then this country allowed […]

  • Wedding readings that tell your story

    Wedding readings that tell your story  Author Cindy Dumont To create a beautiful and powerful wedding ceremony, your wedding officiant will strive to weave together your past, present, and future as a couple. A collection of just the right words, placed in just the right order, tells the story of who you are, touching the […]

  • The time for resistance is upon us

    If you think President Trump is a joke, you are right. He is also a dangerous ignoramus. We cannot let him have our country. We refuse to be a fascist dictatorship. Does that sound like extreme hyperbole? It isn’t. The danger of this President is as serious as that. Suppose you were a patriotic German […]