The time for resistance is upon us

If you think President Trump is a joke, you are right. He is also a dangerous ignoramus. We cannot let him have our country. We refuse to be a fascist dictatorship.

Does that sound like extreme hyperbole? It isn’t. The danger of this President is as serious as that.

Suppose you were a patriotic German in the 1930’s. You said things like “Give him a chance.” or “We need to work together.” or “He is just a fluke.” or “At least we didn’t elect that lying Hillary.” (Well, not that last one but you get the idea.)

Then before your very eyes, people were being forced to wear a Star of David on their clothes. Pink triangles began to appear. The Brown Shirts marched.

And the  “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” – the National Socialist German Worker’s Party began to invade other countries hell bent to execute the idea of Lebensraum in order to expand over all of Europe.

Today makes me think of the time that Hitler came to power and if you don’t accept  the possibility that with this President fascism can take our democracy over then START BELIEVING!


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