Lying Hillary

Ever since that night in November as we watched the results of the 2016 Presidential election roll in, I have often almost cried that Hillary Rodham Clinton was not elected.

She said once:  “To every little girl who dreams big, I say: Yes, you can be anything you want–even President.” And then this country allowed misogyny and gutter politics to block her from the White House.

Will we soon, or ever, have a female President? I don’t know. I am a male who has worked hard on ridding myself of sexism but I think many of our institutions and political movements still have not.

The problem is that wonderful women like Hillary bog down and are rejected not because they are aren’t exceptional in their work but because they are not male.

The Democratic Party is faced with a kind of Hobson’s Choice. If it wants it’s candidate to be elected then he must be a man or…what? nothing? Which is what we got. Plus, not only nothing but a mean spirited, dangerous, cry baby. But he is a man, right. Goddamn.

In my not-so-humble opinion, the Democrats should nominate another woman and let out all stops to do whatever it takes to get her elected.

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