Month: January 2019

  • Why “Neo-Nazi” should scare us

    I have been bingeing on “The Man in the High Castle” on Amazon Prime.* The Nazis won World War II and, after dropping an A-Bomb on DC, established the Reich in the eastern part of our country while the Japanese had the western. If you can suspend your knowledge of history a bit and enter […]

  • The days of our lives

    On New Year’s Eve we had a funeral at 2nd Church Newton. We celebrated the life of a man who was 106 years old, born in December of 1912. Had my father not died at an early age he would have been 106, too. In fact, his birthday was actually on December 31, 1912. He […]

  • ‘’Enuf said?

    May be. On the other hand, some semblance of our constitutional checks and balances has been sparked by the Blue Wave. And for us here in West Newton, there is a new home as a part of ministerial compensation in a great new congregation. In fact, a “good things” list could go and on. So, […]