What do you know about the global economy?

Morning Brew

Up until a year so ago I didn’t know diddly about the economy. I was curious when my pathetic IRA bounced up and down and I have read several articles trying my best to understand cryptocurrency. (I still can’t quite get it but I do know the usage the blockchain, a more secure and anonymous technology, is beginning to spread.)

I don’t assert that I am now an expert by any means but reading the Morning Brew each weekday has widened my perspective significantly. It is laid out in short blurbs with links so that I can dig deeper if an item hits me. It is written with humor and is presented in short, very informative paragraphs.

At the end they include a little trivia (fun) or a puzzle question (not so much). The writers and editors know just exactly how to explain what is going on while not taking any strictly opinionated stands. One of my favorite thing is the very first sentence or two. Yesterday’s was:

When was the last time you got this excited? An artificial earthquake was detected in Mexico City following Chucky Lozano’s winning goal against Germany…”possibly due to mass jumping.”

I recommend this newsletter and if you decide to try it, please use my personal link:     https://www.morningbrew.com/?kid=875895
The Crew gives out rewards for referrals. I am hoping for a mug.


P.S. After your first week or so of receiving the newsletter, start watching Billions on Showtime. Morning Brew will have made you feel like a big time, well informed investor.

Mortgage backed securities? Wait, what?

Had you bought 100 Apple shares on April 19, 2013, it would have cost you $5579. Today your investment would be worth $16,291. Impressive? Sorta. In the Spring of 2013 I was driving a school bus for about $16 an hour so I would have had to work about two and a half months to save up that much. So, yeah, I wish!

All our investments are in the Pension Boards United Church of Christ, Inc.. Very smart and trustworthy managers. Good thing, too. We (I) might have put our money into fidget spinners or the like.

Meanwhile, I do like to see what is happening. I want to see how in the world we ended up with thousands of mortgage foreclosures in 2008, for example. I kinda want to go beyond the basics. After all, just bingeing on Billions doesn’t really give me the whole picture.

So I consider myself lucky to have come upon Morning Brew. This short and sassy newsletter hits my inbox on weekdays and I always come away with at least a couple or three fascinating nuggets. Like, Best Buy is starting up door-to-door sales or that Anheuser-Busch turned over its Georgia plant completely to produce cans of water for Houston’s terrible crisis.

Check out Morning Brew out. I think you might enjoy it.

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