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  • Reflections For Father’s Day 2020

    Remembering my dad after his death 50 years ago My father died in 1968, sitting in his recliner, popping M & M candy, and watching TV. These days I am doing pretty much the same thing he was at the end, except my sugar of choice is Famous Amos cookies. He and I also share […]

  • There Are No Winners In The Race Against Time

    …let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…” A few weeks ago, when I was feeling morose, I said to my wife, “I feel my time is running out.” To which she responded, “Oh boo, it is for all of us.” I knew my preacher spouse is profound, every Sunday I […]

  • A Letter to My 90-Year-Old Self

    Right now will be my ‘distant’ past in 10 years; how will I feel about it? Dear Much Older Warren: If you are reading this, you made it! Even so, you will recall there were many times it didn’t seem to be happening. Remember COVID-19, when hibernation switched from pleasant to burdensome? It was a […]

  • No Playlists for the 80-year-old Man

    Songwriters know what resonates with their listeners who are mostly young. In my mornings, I get up around 7 AM and see if I can stand without falling. If so, I head to the bathroom to pee and get a swig of Listerine. Then, it’s over to the scale to either perk me up or […]

  • No More Skipping Downstairs

    When even walking is a challenge, chasing suspects through ancient cities, up and down ladders, and across rooftops is, well…, impossible I  love to watch detective and spy thrillers. Perhaps it is a subconscious desire to be one of those martial arts experts who can run at top speed, up and down stairways, jumping across […]

  • Think I missed my 70s

    Can ten years pass that quickly? Maybe I need to wake up. When I turned seventy, Obama had just become the President of the United States. I was about to launch my ‘career’ as a school bus driver in our college town transporting nice kids to good schools. When our family wanted big box stores […]

  • I have lived 80 years but have I learned anything?

    Actually, I have found no sane way to avoid aging, so I am going to refine my eldership before I run completely out of time Once during a Q & A session at a political forum, a woman prefaced her question by saying “Astonishingly, I turned 80 last week.” I now know exactly what she […]

  • “Rage against the dying of the light?” or “Let go?”

    Time, like an ever-rolling stream, Soon bears us all away; We fly forgotten, as a dream Fades at the opening day. –-Issac Watts, 1719; alt It used to annoy me when someone use “passed away” for “died.” I am glad to say I have come to see that everyone can, and maybe should, use any […]

  • The days of our lives

    On New Year’s Eve we had a funeral at 2nd Church Newton. We celebrated the life of a man who was 106 years old, born in December of 1912. Had my father not died at an early age he would have been 106, too. In fact, his birthday was actually on December 31, 1912. He […]

  • Slow and steady wins the race

    No one would have ever associated the word “meticulous” with me. “Measure twice, cut once”? Ha, not me. Before the days of computers, I was a bank teller once and my claim to (in)fame was that  my drawer never seemed to balance at the end of the day. Can I ever find a tool I […]