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  • If We Are White, Will We Ever Get It?

    A lifetime of white privilege, along with personal obliviousness, blinds us As a white man, I have been racking my brain. What can I write during days of protests and nights of violence after the police murder of George Floyd? Maybe, nothing. Or at least very little. In the same way that I refuse to […]

  • There Are No Winners In The Race Against Time

    …let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…” A few weeks ago, when I was feeling morose, I said to my wife, “I feel my time is running out.” To which she responded, “Oh boo, it is for all of us.” I knew my preacher spouse is profound, every Sunday I […]

  • A Letter to My 90-Year-Old Self

    Right now will be my ‘distant’ past in 10 years; how will I feel about it? Dear Much Older Warren: If you are reading this, you made it! Even so, you will recall there were many times it didn’t seem to be happening. Remember COVID-19, when hibernation switched from pleasant to burdensome? It was a […]

  • Why do I expect bad news from medical tests?

    Something has to be wrong; I Googled my weird symptoms. Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash Two or three of us have cups of barium contrast liquid which we must drink over the next hour. (It tastes as bad as it sounds) The imaging waiting area of my hospital is half full. Most of […]

  • begin here

    Originally posted on a different order of time:
    “I had learned so much, I just had to think about it all for a while.” Lynda Blackmon Lowery It began three years ago, when the women’s ensemble I had sung with for almost 20 years took itself apart.  After the Women’s March on Washington in 2017,…

  • No Playlists for the 80-year-old Man

    Songwriters know what resonates with their listeners who are mostly young. In my mornings, I get up around 7 AM and see if I can stand without falling. If so, I head to the bathroom to pee and get a swig of Listerine. Then, it’s over to the scale to either perk me up or […]

  • No More Skipping Downstairs

    When even walking is a challenge, chasing suspects through ancient cities, up and down ladders, and across rooftops is, well…, impossible I  love to watch detective and spy thrillers. Perhaps it is a subconscious desire to be one of those martial arts experts who can run at top speed, up and down stairways, jumping across […]

  • Think I missed my 70s

    Can ten years pass that quickly? Maybe I need to wake up. When I turned seventy, Obama had just become the President of the United States. I was about to launch my ‘career’ as a school bus driver in our college town transporting nice kids to good schools. When our family wanted big box stores […]

  • I have lived 80 years but have I learned anything?

    Actually, I have found no sane way to avoid aging, so I am going to refine my eldership before I run completely out of time Once during a Q & A session at a political forum, a woman prefaced her question by saying “Astonishingly, I turned 80 last week.” I now know exactly what she […]

  • Grieving for ourselves

    The first time I had general anesthesia for surgery, I was sure I was going to die. I looked for my life insurance information, began to compose in my head final letters to my family, dug around in my clutter to discard embarrassing items(!), and gave last cuddles to our cats. OK, so I didn’t […]