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  • Am I having a heart attack?

    Sometimes overwhelming anxiety can almost disable one. Called “Panic attacks” they are no laughing matter

  • Sexuality wisdom

    “Eventually we realize our Middle School Sex Ed Teacher was a lying son of a gun, and sex isn’t bad and scary but fun and pleasurable.” I subscribe to a blog post service call Medium  which has many categories giving me access to a wide variety of writers. The one I read today discussed women […]

  • The meaning of cunt, the most offensive curse word in English, is actually based in female sexual empowerment — Quartz

    Certain curse words get undeserved bad reputations. Here’s one you may want to integrate into your vocabulary, despite how uncomfortable it may make you feel. — Read on

  • Anti-abortion people forget to mention…

    “…But every night the men would come around and lay their money down…”   -Cher’s Gypsies, tramps and thieves                 …that pregnancy require a male’s sperm. As that great American philospher, Homer Simpson, would say, “DUH!” Of course, they know this but, if they, with incredible inhumanity, can just keep […]

  • Potty Mouth 2

    One of the most fascinating things about the 2008 Presidential primary was a snag that Obama ran into about his church affiliation. Trinity United Church of Christ is a very large and active congregation on Chicago‘s Southside. We were proud that the Barach and Michelle were members there, but that came to be a problem for […]

  • Potty Mouth

    I’ve wanted to write about profanity for a long time but I just couldn’t get my shit together. Did I stop you, even for just a second, with the “bad word”? Why? Would it have made a difference had I put it “sh**t”? So-called swearing or cursing bothers a lot of us. From a “Language!” […]

  • Not Today, Death

    Originally posted on Michelle L. Torigian:
    This contains Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3 spoilers. Not today, Death. Now, I haven’t been on the Game of Thrones bandwagon too long. But since I’ve been watching the past two seasons in real-time and now going back to watch from the beginning, I’m seeing a phrase…

  • As we grow old

    Originally posted on Mizana Gheezhik (Sen. Murray Sinclair):
    As we grow old the ground we walk on rises up so that, as each of those few moments left to us pass by and we grow old and hair turns greyer still we move a bit more slowly. At such a speed, we can see around…

  • The Stages of Faith

    Originally posted on Paula Stone Williams:
    The decision of the United Methodist Church to reject the LGBTQ population has been on a lot of minds and hearts this past week.  I talked about it in my sermon on Saturday evening, and got choked up enough that I couldn’t go on for a few seconds.  It…

  • “Rage against the dying of the light?” or “Let go?”

    Time, like an ever-rolling stream, Soon bears us all away; We fly forgotten, as a dream Fades at the opening day. –-Issac Watts, 1719; alt It used to annoy me when someone use “passed away” for “died.” I am glad to say I have come to see that everyone can, and maybe should, use any […]