Why I am writing again

In many of my previous posts you will find meanderings about job search and the meaning (to me at least) of being employed. However, they are old thoughts which would beg the question “Is there anything new in that area?”

There is. I quit what could most likely be my last possible “real” full-time job ever and I feel very free and positive.That is something to write about. Plus I have more actually self determined time to do it.

A more immediate motivation however came from A Jump as her license plate might read. She inspired me to write something even it is lame. So, I plan to tell you about our attending MLB Spring Training games, write a little about being a free lance “officiant” for weddings, funerals and other life ceremonies, and even give you a few spiritual-type mediations.

Hope it helps in the search.

Oliver Stone on fathers and children

My daughter and I watched Oliver Stone’s Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps on pay-per-view last night and maybe the best moment in this story of Gordon Geko’s return came in the very first scene.  As he is released from 8 years in prison for illegal financial dealings, his personal belongings are returned to him. The clerk reads off each item, key ring, gold money clip (empty), watch, mobile phone(!) and the camera pans to a huge device only one step newer than the original bag phone. It is not a spoiler to tell you that he catches up to the times quickly after he is out.

There is however to ponder, while we trudge through the predictable stuff, the simple theme of a daughter who hates her father. She blames for him for the dissolution of their family and especially for the death of her addicted brother while Gekko was in prison. In one scene he tells her of all the things he tried to help his son, which she didn’t know of course, but she still believes that if he had been there it would have been different.

Children will identify with her and parents will, sadly but clearly, side with Gekko for it is the universal dichotomy. The perspective of youth versus age, of the future alongside the past or simply who has time to think about what. Apropos of this standoff, Ustinov is quoted “Parents are the bones on which children sharpen their teeth.” I guess the screenwriter thought it too trite to use the Bette Davis line: “If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent” but you get the point.

It is really not complicated and Gekko says this pretty clearly when he talks about “we are all human” and thus there is no simple explanation for our personalities or our behavior. Maybe the only possible direction is forward toward forgiveness and love.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) – IMDb.

Talk About the 3AM Creepy Crawlies

Ever blink wide awake in the wee hours of the morning with all kinds of frightening thoughts running through your head?  It is an eerie experience and very lonely because everyone else it seems is fast asleep and it is dark, made blacker by the anxiety of it all.

Now transfer that to whole communities of our ancestors who saw the days growing dim and the nights longer and longer. The winter solstice was like a universal anxiety attack in the darkness. Just think how scary it would have been in that time long before the Hubble telescope and its computer enhanced photos of far away galaxies to feel the blackness descend.  Then, if that weren’t bad enough, once every four or five hundred years, the good old reliable moon would fade away that same long night, just as it will tonight.

Looking back from their perspective, its easy so see then why since the beginning of time humans have been lighting up everything they could as the winter solstice approached. We have created menorahs, Diwali decorations, Advent wreaths and, heaven help us, inflatable red-nosed reindeer. Its not that we are afraid of the dark or is it?

“O come thou Day-spring, come and cheer
Our spirits by thine advent here;
Disperse the gloomy clouds of night,
And death’s dark shadows put to flight.”


Beauty and the Beast(!)


We are celebrating the Fourth Sunday of Advent in unbelievable beauty and undeserved affluence. So many times in the past when in the midst of these blessings, I have felt sad and guilty about the millions even in the US who are not so lucky, I only pondered it. Why didn’t I do some small thing? Well, maybe I did or maybe I didn’t but those opportunities are long gone so the challenge is: what will I do today?

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Beyond “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Ok, sensible people, it is clear that no one should be harassed or bullied about being gay or lesbian, much less “fired” for their orientation. Heaven knows what would happen to most of us if the powers-that-be could detect all of our inner “sexual orientation type” thoughts.

Now, let’s think about the purpose of the military in the first place. Who, really, in their right mind considers it a virtue to lure 18 year olds into dehumanizing jobs and put them in a vehicle which will, given the odds, probably run over an IED? If that doesn’t happen then perhaps they will have to shoot high tech bullets into the night, hoping not think about who gets killed on the other side.

BTW: When they do their thing, they do it in our name for our sake.

War, what’s it good for? Absolutely nothing!


New Look At an Old and Very Important Profession

I am training to be a school bus driver. I would not have thought this was a very challenging or exciting course. Moreover, I didn’t think I would be proud to end up with a commercial driver’s license and actually drive a school bus. Then the instructor and the videos began to talk about the responsibity for the children and I remember the first few times I saw my elementary school kids off at the bus stop. I apologize to all the bus drivers that I didn’t totally appreciate. This will be a good choice for me.

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War: What’s it good for?

The next time you have slightest desire to justify modern warfare or to glorify the US in Iraq or Afghanistan, watch the scene from The Hurt Locker where the EOD team comes upon a British contractor group whose vehicle has a flat tire. While there, out in the desert with nothing but goats wandering around, suddenly an Iraqi sniper from a couple of hundred yards away in an isolated and abandoned building kills one of the British team. This results in a sniper stand off with the contractor team leader and all the Iraqis being killed. In THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE for NO REASON!

The Hurt Locker (2008) – IMDb.

Burning Love

Penitential questions of Advent could include: Is my problem with faith really about God, or a broken heart?  In whom, or in what, have I placed my trust?  When I’m disillusioned, why did I need the illusion?  What am I doing that makes me unhappy and why am I doing it?  How does God’s love make me accountable?

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We just want to know!

One of my daily readings had this quote

When what we want and think we need is answers, maybe it’s not? Maybe we don’t need more answers but more wonder. “Concepts create idols,” claimed the 4th century desert monk, Gregory of Nyssa, “only wonder comprehends anything.”

It reminded me that preconceptions can be very, very limiting. The devotional was referring to a person and observed how often we make snap judgments or pushed for information. What if we just waited, let a little time go by? We could have been right about our first impressions but then again we might be pleasantly surprised. If not, at least we opened up the possibility.

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