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  • Cleverness to cheer us up for the season

    This has come across in my email and on Facebook from my spouse and her friends. I think you will love it, especially if you are a churchy type.

  • New Look At an Old and Very Important Profession

    I am training to be a school bus driver. I would not have thought this was a very challenging or exciting course. Moreover, I didn’t think I would be proud to end up with a commercial driver’s license and actually drive a school bus. Then the instructor and the videos began to talk about the […]

  • War: What’s it good for?

    The next time you have slightest desire to justify modern warfare or to glorify the US in Iraq or Afghanistan, watch the scene from The Hurt Locker where the EOD team comes upon a British contractor group whose vehicle has a flat tire. While there, out in the desert with nothing but goats wandering around, […]

  • Burning Love

    Penitential questions of Advent could include: Is my problem with faith really about God, or a broken heart?  In whom, or in what, have I placed my trust?  When I’m disillusioned, why did I need the illusion?  What am I doing that makes me unhappy and why am I doing it?  How does God’s love […]

  • We just want to know!

    One of my daily readings had this quote When what we want and think we need is answers, maybe it’s not? Maybe we don’t need more answers but more wonder. “Concepts create idols,” claimed the 4th century desert monk, Gregory of Nyssa, “only wonder comprehends anything.” It reminded me that preconceptions can be very, very […]