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  • Animal Attendants in your Ceremony

    Animal Attendants In Your Ceremony Posted on August 19, 2017 | Author Cynthia Dumont The animals in fairy tales steal our hearts: Cinderella’s songbirds, Bambi’s butterflies and the Darling children’s Nana in Peter Pan. But how about incorporating these icons into your own real-life fairy tale? If you want to bring animals like these into […]

  • Make Sure Your Wedding Fits You

    Pre the swinging ’60s, when your grandparents were young adults, the idea of living together before marriage was socially unacceptable. While some couples dared to try it, they dared not do so openly – for the judgment of society could be cruel. Gay couples also were in jeopardy of social condemnation. In 2014, however, living […]

  • Beyond “I Do”: Incorporating Religious Elements (or Not) in your Wedding Ceremony

    If you are planning a wedding, you may be wondering which elements of your marriage ceremony are absolutely required by law and which are optional. How much of the ceremony can you create from scratch to reflect your and your fiancé’s beliefs and sentiments? When my daughter asked me recently whether a religious homily was […]